Folly Beach Vacation House Rentals

Vacation Rentals In Folly Beach

folly-beach-long-pierThe vacation rentals in Folly Beach offer the best deals for housing because they supply everything you would need in a home. The vacation rentals offer a kitchen and decent air conditioning. When former rentals leave, they tend to leave things for future residents. Common kitchen supplies like salt/pepper and spices. Bathroom supplies like soap and shampoo. Pots and pans, knives and spoons, plates and cups, are all things readily available to you, in case you want to cook up a fish you caught that day.

Call and ask the rental owners if their vacation rentals offer anything unique from the other vacation rentals. Some are more secluded from the noise if that’s what you prefer. Others might have an outdoor shower, so you can shower with the sun overhead.

Hotels on the other hand, feel sterile, because they return everything back to a predetermined position. It doesn’t feel like a place you can enjoy. Vacation rentals have a comfort that Folly Beach hotels are missing. Some rentals are real homes that Folly Beach residents rent

Did I mention that there’s lots of space? In a hotel, you only have one room. Vacation rentals have rooms, a living room, kitchen and bedrooms. That’s enough room to have a party, provided nothing gets damaged.

When To Get The Best Vacation Rental Deal

The winter and autumn seasons tend to have the cheaper deals because there’s less demand. But, I would recommend visiting in the winter, even if you can’t swim. Walking along the beach when there is absolutely no one, lets your mind wander. Listening to the ocean waves crash to the shore. Watching the birds fly. Getting fresh sea air into your lungs. That is nature at its finest. It’s best to plan 3-4 months ahead if you want to get a decent place for the summer period. The rental weeks get booked fairly in advance, leaving you with less than desirable areas to stay. When you are ready to enjoy the beach, check out some of these vacation rentals.

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