Hotels Near Folly Beach

Recommended Affordable Hotels Around Folly Beach

I tend to prefer the vacation rentals but the hotels might be better for you if you want to be closer to Charleston. The closest hotels to Folly Beach are a Holliday Inn Hotel that is literally 2 minutes away from the beach and the Water’s Edge Inn, which is two blocks away from the beach.

The Holiday Inn is located at 1 Center Street at Highway 171, Folly Beach, SC 29439. They recently underwent some renovation and should open on March 5, 2009. You can walk outside the Holliday Inn hotel and be at the beach. The hotel prices are fairly standard for ocean front property. Prices are comparable to the vacation rentals. The Water’s Edge Inn is located at 79 West 2nd Street, Folly Beach, SC 29439. Water Edge Inn does not look like your typical home. It is more like a converted home to hotel. But the inn is more expensive than vacation rentals.holliday inn folly beach The biggest advantage for either hotel is the proximity to the beach. A comfortable place to sleep is great. But in the summer time, all you want to do is get out and enjoy the ocean breeze and wet sand on your feet.

The best thing about a hotel is having someone clean up after you and be able to use the facilities like a weight room or swimming pool. But this is Folly Beach, who needs a swimming pool, when you’re surrounded by water.

Hotels In Charleston

Most of these hotels are within a 15 minute driving time to Folly Beach. So you can still enjoy the beach whenever you want. It’s just not as comfortable as getting out of bed and walking to the beach in your slippers. But the rates are a lot cheaper than the ocean front property. If you prefer a little less quiet and enjoy the party night life in the district of Charleston, I would suggest this route. The beach bars in Folly Beach can be quite lively at night but it is definitely a more relaxed environment. While you are in Charleston, don’t forget to check out the Rainbow Row in Charleston. It’s a series of houses painted in pastel colors.