The Beach And The Folly Turtles

Turtles Around Folly Beach

folly-sea-turtlePlease keep the beach clean for everyone. Take all your items and garbage after you leave. This is especially important for the sea turtles that come during nesting. In order for them to properly leave their eggs in the sand, there must be no obstacles or they get discouraged and go back to the sea. The turtles usually nest from Mid-May to Mid August. I personally have never seen a sea turtle nest but I’m happy to leave them to their peace when they do. I noticed the residents of Folly Beach take a lot of care in their maintenance of nature. The beach front residents have to turn off their lights after a certain period, so the hatch-lings get natural lighting and go towards the sea instead of towards land. The beauty of nature continues when you keep it untouched from humans. For more information about the turtles, go to