Things To Do In Folly Beach

Here are some of the things to do in Folly Beach.

Talk to the locals about what activities they like to do. Everyone in Folly Beach was very friendly and willing to give you advice. Don’t be afraid to be social with the locals. As long as you appear friendly, they should be receptive to questions.

Morris Island LightHouse

I recommend viewing the Morris Island Lighthouse in the morning when the daylight is just beginning. It used to be on land but rapid erosion has resulted in the lighthouse being 300 feet offshore. You can see it by driving to the northeast end of Folly Beach. It is pretty amazing to see a singular structure completely surrounded by water still standing above the raging ocean.

Fishing License in Folly Beach

For a few dollars, you can get a fishing license and go fishing. Go to the edge of the Folly Pier, toss your line out in the water, and enjoy the sun. Even if you don’t catch a fish, it’s exciting to see someone else reel their fish into the pier. Catch a fish, throw it back and enjoy the sun.

Picking up seashells

Most of the seashells you find along the beach will be broken or very small. Don’t worry though because you can always visit the souvenir shops.

Renting a bicycle

Ditch your car and get around town with your bicycle. The environment here is very safe and you can usually leave things without much worry of it being stolen.


The Folly Beach County Park is a great swimming area. The scenery is nice and the lifeguards keep the water clear of surfers. There is a lot of parking, showers and changing rooms. If that area is too crowded, you can go to any area in the beach. They all allow swimming.


Get a beach chair and put it where the tide comes in, so it’s just enough for the water to hit your feet. You can even take a short nap. No one will bother you. Make sure not to get pulled into the ocean.


Folly Beach has some of the best waves in South Carolina. The biggest waves are at the washout located from 6th to 10th street. The beach area there is the steepest and has the best breaks in the water. Don’t try surfing too close to the Folly pier either, because you will get hit with fines. Stay 300 feet away.